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Lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemic in Italy

June 30, 2020 0

The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic had dramatic effects on most countries worldwide; Italy has been one of the most affected countries in Europe. The pandemic also severely affected the population and, especially, […]

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Neurological Implications of COVID-19

June 22, 2020 0

The SARS-CoV-2 infection was first reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and has been spreading massively throughout the world ever since. Until May 2020, there have been more than 6 million confirmed cases of […]

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Novel therapeutic antibacterial drug target

June 10, 2020 0

Most of the bacterial pathogens represent a threat to human health. In the past three decades, a number of antibiotics have been developed and marketed. However, the antibiotic resistance developed in many antibacterial agents with […]

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The COVID-19 pandemic in Bosnia and Herzegovina

May 29, 2020 0

In just a few months, COVID-19 has spread around the world, causing a number of health, economic and social consequences. A little more than two months have passed from its outbreak in China to the […]

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DNA methylation and ischemic stroke

May 26, 2020 0

Stroke is not only one of the three leading causes of death in humans, but also a common cause of chronic disability in adults. The pathogenesis of the stroke is quite variable. However, the genetic […]

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The role of miRNAs in glioblastoma multiforme

May 6, 2020 0

Glioblastoma multiforme is one of the most malignant tumors of the central nervous system. It is characterized by the fast growth and high malignancy. Although surgery combined with radiation therapy and chemotherapy has been widely […]