Celebrating Latest Achievements at Biomolbiomed Journal

Celebrating Latest Achievements at Biomolbiomed Journal

We are thrilled to announce that Biomolecules and Biomedicine Journal (formerly known as BJBMS) has reached remarkable milestones in 2023!

Metrics and Rankings

Our CiteScore has soared to 7.4, placing us in the 91st percentile—that’s the top 10% of all Scopus journals! Check out more on Scopus.

We’ve also achieved an Impact Factor of 3.1, placing us in the 54th percentile and Q2 in our category in the Web of Science. Dive deeper into our success on the Journal Citation Reports  or download the PDF Report.

Journal Impact Factor and CiteScore 2023

High visibility

  • Open Access: articles are freely available to readers immediately after publication.
  • Highly accessed online content: more than 350,000 readers/month (100,000 at PubMed Central (April 2024); 120,000 at Journal’s website (April 2024); more than 130,000 at Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, and others).
  • Newsletters: more than 20,000 registered users receive a newsletter tailored to their field of interest.
  • Social media: articles are promoted through various social media channels (TwitterLinkedInFacebook)
  • Advance online: all accepted articles are published Advance online and Ahead of print on PubMed within 3 days of acceptance, with citable DOIs, to make the article accessible as fast as possible.
  • Print circulation: 200 copies of print issues are sent to major libraries, institutes, universities, conferences, and subscribers worldwide.
  • BiomolBiomed Viewpoints: Journal’s blog promotes authors and their research by publishing plain language summaries for a broad audience and media, as well as commentaries, interviews, news, and stories related to science and research.

Celebrating Latest Achievements at Biomolbiomed Journal

Timely and Efficient Publication Process

The 2023 peer review performance metrics:

  • Average time from submission to initial decision (reject or peer review): 2 days
  • Average peer-review time and decision: 22 days
  • Average time from acceptance to advance online publication: 1 day
  • Desk rejections (without peer review): 40%
  • Acceptance Rate: 20%

About us

The Biomolecules and Biomedicine (formerly, the Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, BJBMS) is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary open-access medical journal dedicated to the advancement of medical research, practice, and education. The journal was founded in 1998 and is published by the Association of Basic Medical Sciences, a nonprofit honor organization of physician-scientists.

Read about the title change in January 2023 here.

Biomolecules and Biomedicine’s scope includes:

Pre-clinical studies – These involve research that is typically conducted in a lab setting and involves the use of animal models or cell cultures. Studies in this category include exploratory and foundational research in areas such as Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, and more.

Translational Medicine – This involves applying discoveries generated during research in the laboratory to the development of trials and studies in humans. It also involves research aiming to move ‘from bench to bedside’ and from ‘bedside to clinical practice’. The journal is a platform for sharing work that bridges the gap between fundamental research and clinical application.  Including interdisciplinary studies, innovative diagnostic tools, and therapeutic approaches.

Clinical Research – This involves studies on patients or patient data. We welcome studies that include randomized trials, observational studies, outcomes research, health services research, and more. This also includes clinical reviews.

Open Access. All research is available to the public for free. The Biomolecules and Biomedicine deposits published articles in PubMed Central, satisfying the NIH Public Access Policy and other similar funding agency requirements.

Editorial Board. Renowned international experts in the Journal’s Editorial Board, together with external peer-reviewers, select the best submissions for publication.

These achievements highlight our journal’s growing influence and recognition in the research community. This success is a collective effort of our dedicated editorial board, rigorous peer reviewers, and innovative authors. Every manuscript, review, and published article has contributed to this milestone.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

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