Setting New Standards with a CiteScore of 6.8

We are proud to announce a new achievement in the journey of our journal, Biomolecules and Biomedicine. As we continue the legacy of the Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, our CiteScoreTracker for 2023, as per Scopus, stands at an impressive 6.8. This remarkable milestone, calculated under our previous title, reflects the enduring impact and quality of our publications. Read more about our title change below. 

BJBMS becomes Biomolecules and Biomedicine

For detailed insights and historical data, you can view our Scopus profile under our former title (Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences) here.

Embracing the Future: Our New Scopus Profile

In line with our rebranding, Scopus has established a new source page for Biomolecules and Biomedicine. This page is set to become the hub for all future citations and metrics, symbolizing a fresh start in our continuous journey of scientific exploration. We eagerly encourage our dedicated community of readers and contributors to explore and familiarize themselves with our new Scopus profile, accessible here.

Understanding the Significance of CiteScore 6.8

Understanding the gravity of a 6.8 CiteScore requires delving into what this metric represents. Developed by Scopus, CiteScore measures the citation impact of serial publications, reflecting their influence and reach within the academic community. A score of 6.8 places Biomolecules and Biomedicine in an elite cadre of journals, signifying high engagement and recognition from researchers globally. This score not only highlights the relevance of our articles but also underscores their significant contribution to shaping contemporary scientific thought in our specialized fields.

Continuing Our Commitment

As we embrace this new era, our commitment to publishing impactful research in biomolecules and biomedicine remains stronger than ever. We are dedicated to fostering scientific discovery and innovation, providing a platform for researchers to share their invaluable insights with the world.

We invite you, our global community of scientists, researchers, and academics, to be an integral part of this exciting journey forward. Whether by submitting your novel research, engaging in our peer review processes, or sharing our content within your networks, your active participation is crucial.

We thank you for your ongoing support and trust in Biomolecules and Biomedicine.

Here’s to many more milestones ahead!

Editor: Ermina Vukalic

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