BJBMS becomes Biomolecules and Biomedicine

BJBMS early days

It all started in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1996, with the intention of Professor Muzafer Mujic, Professor of Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sarajevo, to improve the scientific environment and serve the academic community in a post-war developing country. Professor Mujic and his colleagues founded the Association of Basic Medical Sciences of FBIH with the goal of supporting biomedical research, education and networking of researchers from Bosnia and Herzegovina with the rest of the world. The association then established the Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences in 1998 as a natural step forward to achieve the set goals.

In the early days of BJBMS editorial communication took place via ground mail. The journal was published in printed edition four times per year. Access to a broader audience was limited and the journal’s readership was primarily consisted of members of the local or, at best, national scientific community. Almost all of the published papers came from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Volume 1, Issue 1 (1998)

Nevertheless, the early editors of the BJBMS set high scientific content criteria, and this, combined with their diligence, resulted in the BJBMS being listed in PubMed, MEDLINE and Web of Science. These were the crucial initial steps in the journal’s internationalization. The journal was well received by the global scientific community, and submissions from other countries soon began to arrive.

New era

With the widespread use of the Internet, a new era began. The Internet transformed nearly every area of our lives, including scientific publishing. Because of substantially improved speed, efficiency, and number of communication channels, scientific publishing underwent a revolution. In 2009, the BJBMS launched its first online edition, the website, in keeping with the trend. The online edition of the journal was warmly received by readers and boosted the journal’s visibility and reputation, resulting in an increase in submissions from the global community. The BJBMS has grown steadily in terms of quality, readership, visibility, reputation, and scientific metrics since then.

Today, the BJBMS is included in the most relevant scientific databases and is well-known worldwide. The journal has outgrown its national and regional boundaries given that more than 90% of the articles published in BJBMS come from the international community.

Because of aforesaid, the national designation “Bosnian” in the title of the journal does not reflect the essence and global significance of the journal. Therefore, the publisher and editors decided to change the title of the journal to more accurately reflect its international character and the content of the articles published.

The BJBMS or simply the “Bosnian Journal” is a solid rock foundation that the Biomolecules and Biomedicine will build upon and shine the same way the BJBMS did.

The Biomolecules and Biomedicine will live at and the journal’s Blog will move to (pending).





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