Prof. dr. sc. Jurica Arapović winner of the Annual Science Award

Prof. dr. sc. Jurica Arapović has been awarded the highest recognition for outstanding scientific achievements in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On December 7, 2021, on the ceremonial session of the Science Council of the Federal Ministry of Education and Science, among four laureates, Prof. dr. sc. Jurica Arapović recieved the Annual Science Award which is awarded to scientists and researchers for exceptional scientific work and significant contribution to the expansion of existing scientific knowledge.

In the last 17 years of his intensive scientific research work, Dr. Jurica Arapović, who was nominated for this prestigious award by the Medical Faculty of the University of Mostar, has contributed to better understanding of immunopathogenesis and epipathogenesis mechanisms of cytomegalovirus infection in the field of basic and clinical medical sciences. As a member of numerous professional societies, editor of Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences and Infection Springer, with 35 publications and over 1200 citations, Dr. Arapović has proven to be a competent expert.

BJBMS sends sincere congratulations to Dr. Arapović and wishes him a successful further work and many more honors.


Editor: Merima Bukva

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