Video summary: Guidelines for Breast Cancer Treatment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, aside from skin cancers. Studies have demonstrated that keeping track of cancer treatment can enhance patient results. Due to the absence of a centralized registry, Bosnia and Hercegovina is mostly unaware of the state of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, there have never been any reports of national guidelines for the treatment of breast cancer. In order to assist practitioners who work with breast cancer patients, as well as to influence the Ministry of Health to advance breast cancer care, a multidisciplinary team of specialists from Bosnia and Hercegovina and the diaspora developed the first known guidelines on the overall management of breast cancer in this region.

According to a comprehensive review of the data and knowledge of local resources, there is substantial evidence in favor of less aggressive surgery for women with breast cancer, particularly after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. These guidelines could aid surgeons in decision-making and be utilized to advocate national resource allocation in medicine.

The authors prepared a video summary of their study: Guidelines for Breast Cancer Treatment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Reference: Hadžikadić-Gušić L, Cerić T, Marijanović I, Iljazović E, Koprić D, Zorlak A, Tanović M, Mekić-Abazović A, Šišić I, Delić U, Mustedanagić-Mujanović J, Aginčić A, Bećiragić E, Greene F. Guidelines for Breast Cancer Treatment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosn J of Basic Med Sci [Internet]. [cited 2022Jul.19];. Available from:

Editor: Merima Bukva, MPharm

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