The Reviewer of the Month for June 2022: Dr. Teodora Stankova

We are proud to announce that the Reviewer of the Month Award for June 2022 goes to Dr. Teodora Stankova.

As a means to promote the hard work and dedication invested “behind the scenes” in order to improve scientific publications, each month, BJBMS Editors select a reviewer who performed the best amongst all the reviewers in the current month. Selection is based on the quality, thoroughness, and the timeliness of the review. It is a difficult task for our Editors, as they try not to underestimate the time and efforts of each of the reviewers who reviewed for the BJBMS in the current month.

Dr. Teodora Stankova, a chief assistant professor at the Department of Medical Biochemistry at Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, has a particular research interest in investigating the role of posttranslationally modified proteins and soluble receptors in the intricate pathobiochemical mechanisms of various diseases (mainly endocrine and rheumatoid disorders). However, a new project is currently broadening  Dr. Stankova’s  scientific horizon in the field of dental implantology. Identifying new perspective disease biomarkers is also a core component of her studies.

We asked Dr. Stankova about the importance and other aspects of the peer-review process in general:

The peer-review is an integral component of scientists’ work and the best mechanism to improve knowledge and uphold standards in the field through rigorous, yet thoughtful, unbiased  and constructive evaluations of manuscripts. I consider the opportunity to be a reviewer as a tremendous privilege because it allows me to help, develop and support research in my field and stay on top of the latest discoveries. Furthermore, the peer-review process is “paying me back”, as it has made me more critical, thus improving my own manuscripts. I am pleased to have served as a reviewer for BJBMS because it provides quality, interdisciplinary studies of interest to a broad scientific audience.

BJBMS congratulates Dr. Teodora Stankova and wishes her many awards and recognitions in the future.

Editor: Merima Bukva, MPharm

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