New issue of BJBMS published: May 2019

Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences 2019;19(2)

The Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences (BJBMS) has recently published its May 2019 issue. The current issue comprises articles from several fields of basic medical, translational medical research as well as new and emerging methods.

Read about genetic secrets of long-term glioblastoma survivors in a comprehensive review by Jovčevska. A comprehensive literature review and illustrative case report from Hardman et al. describes acute phenibut withdrawal.

Furthermore, Stergar et al. briefly discussed intervertebral disc (IVD) tissue engineering as well as biomaterial scaffolds and cell-based therapies for IVD regeneration. In a study by Kouame et al., the authors investigated the antidiabetic activity of Cinnamomum cassia (C. cassia, Cc) silver nanoparticles (CcAgNPS) and effects of C. cassia on the kidneys of rats with induced type 2 diabetes. They confirmed that structural and functional damage to kidneys was caused by diabetes.

An important follow-up study on prediction of breast cancer metastasis risk using circulating tumor markers (CTM) by Cetintas et al. reported that CTM positivity may indicate a high metastasis risk; however, CTM negativity does not guarantee low metastasis risk. Moreover, a highly accessible article written by Oltean-Dan et al. established a specific and clinically practical metabolic parameter for lipid-poor adrenal lesions (ALs) in NSCLC patients.

In an experimental study on rats by Simsek et al., the researchers analyzed the in vivo effects of high-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields (HF-PEMFs) on fracture healing using a rat model.

Follow this link to read the entire May 2019 issue and ensure you are up to date with the latest research in your field.

The Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences (BJBMS) is an international, English-language, peer-reviewed journal, publishing articles in different disciplines of basic medical sciences. More information about the Journal can be found here.

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