Lysozyme in the treatment of non-infectious sore throat

We are all born with lysozyme. It is an enzyme produced by the cells, which are part of the human immune system. Besides that, it can be found in many other organisms, what makes it a very important molecule in nature. It kills microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi), suppresses inflammation and improves the immune response. Almost one hundred years after the discovery, lysozyme still attracts great interest among scientists. This natural molecule can be found as active compound in medicines of various pharmaceutical forms (lozenge, spray, ointment). It has been used for more than 40 years in the therapy of sore throat, diseases of oral and nasal cavity as well as skin wounds and different disorders.

In the article published in BJBMS, the authors propose a potential usage of lysozyme-based medicines in the treatment of non-infectious sore throat — a very common condition which is poorly recognized and treated.

Awareness about non-infectious sore throat is increasing with accumulating evidence about its importance in everyday life. There are many factors which can cause this condition (such as exposure to smog and irritants, air-conditioning, smoking, alcohol and excessive caffeine consumption, incorrect technique of using voice, snoring, allergies, hormonal disorders, anxiety disorders, stress and use of some medications). Professions in which voice is used extensively (such as teachers, singers, sports and life coaches, receptionists, television and radio presenters, lawyers, touristic tour guides, politicians) are at high risk to develop non-infectious sore throat. This condition can have detrimental effects on career and quality of life. Therapy is not well defined, but it is mainly focused on anti-inflammatory medicines and antiseptics.

Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects of lysozyme may be used as a safe and effective treatment for non-infectious sore throat.

Glamočlija U, Mehić M, Šukalo A, Tanović Avdić A, Džananović Jaganjac J. Lysozyme in the treatment of non-infectious sore throat. Bosn J of Basic Med Sci. 2020

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